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About Our Farm

In our quest for enlightened nutritional plunder, we've developed a deep admiration and appreciation for goats.


Not only for their aptitude towards high quality food products, but also for their versatility, vigor, and personable character.


We'd had some goat experience volunteering with our friends at Mountain Flower Dairy in Boulder, CO, and spent many hours researching various viewpoints on wholistic care as well as various breeds.  Though they weren't readily available in Colorado, we decided on Guernseys, a breed rare in the US imported from the UK. 

What really appealed to us was their medium size and gentle nature, they are very friendly, easy to handle, and fluffy!  The breed is also hearty and does well on a variety of hay and forages, producing high-quality milk.

The ducks weren't necessarily planned but have been a welcome addition to the farm.  They are also a rare breed (Saxony), and have free-roam of the property and our pond for forage.

Our primary vision is to produce a sustainable small-farm operation, maintaining the intimacy between farmers, consumers, community, livestock, and the land, all within an economically viable system and always towards the pursuit of wisdom and happiness.  

We are small but tightly-knit crew, still early in our voyage and we continue to hone our seamanship.  We test our milk regularly to ensure the highest quality and safety.  We work in cooperation with Mountain Flower Goat Dairy, Friar Farms, and hope to continue to include other local small farmers in our community food network.

Farm tours are available on appointment, please contact us!


Ahoy There! We be the O'Mearas

Admiral Shane
Captain Scott
Lieutenants Kaylie and Piper
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