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Guernsey Goats

The Golden Guernsey originates from the Bailiwick of Guernsey of the Channel Islands.  They are thought to have differentiated as a breed around 2,000 B.C. from Oberhasli and Syrian ancestors.

They are fine-boned and mid-sized, with variations in coat length ranging from a shaggy skirt or petticoat to long flowing locks.  Coats are generally solid in color and range from pale blonde to a deep copper.

Although highly similar in appearance and demeanor, Golden Guernseys (GG) are discerned from the American version termed 'British Guernseys' (BG). 

Importation of GGs into the U.S. is not permitted, but the genetics have been bred-up from a limited number of GG semen and embryos imported in the late 1990's.  There are only a small number of pure-bred GGs in the U.S.

Cross-breeding does of specific American breeds with GG or BG bucks for five successive generations attains BG status.

For more information about Guernsey Goats please visit

Guernsey Goat Breeders of America

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